Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Stairway Makeover

      It's almost spring and I always want to make a change in the I got a major hair makeover....

{Well, it's major for me considering it took me almost two years to grow my hair out and in 2 seconds it can be chopped off! I love it though! It makes all my clothes feel new, kind of gives them a new look, weird huh?!}

     Did you think you were going to read about stairways? hee, hee....Okay, enough about my hair because I'm also inspired by the pictures I've seen online of how a couple simple changes can completely change the look of a stairway. Eventually I plan to get a stair runner, but for now I decided to go ahead with a color change on the wall and banister. Here are the pics that inspired me...


{I'm kind of loving all the frames on the wall too...might do this eventually}

This was an amazing makeover and she did this herself!!! {I'm hiring out, especially after attempting to paint the mudroom this past week, with 2 sick kiddos needing my attention, let's just say there are some flaws in my painting}

And here are my own pictures of our stairway change...


Unfortunately I don't have a decent BEFORE picture of the buttery color that was on my wall before it got painted. But this new color is Laura Ashley Stone in satin finish. It's actually the same color I used in the boys room and I loved it so much that I decided to make it my wall color throughout the house. If it ain't broke ;)


I can't even tell you how much this little change makes the stairway look so much more custom and it even goes really well with my kitchen cabinets, so I love it! Are you doing any projects this spring? Would love to hear about them!


  1. I'm going to be doing a nursery - but haven't decided what! I love your new stair look - and your new hair look :)

  2. That's so exciting and fun!! I love many ideas to pull from! Thanks for the house and my style are always a work in progress. I think that's because I enjoy changing things :) Thanks for reading!!


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