Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Five Layer Dip

 Once again, thanks to Pinterest, I've found an idea for a seven layer dip that I made for a Halloween Bash.

Five Layer Dip for Halloween

 Not sure what happened, but everytime I clicked to find the original source, it wouldn't bring it up. So the closest source I could find was Frost Me Blog.  I had to tweek it a bit because I could not find all of the ingredients/instructions online, so I will tell you exactly what I did. Also, I call mine the Five Layer Dip, because I didn't use more layers than that!

Refried Beans
Mexican Cheese Blend
Diced Tomatoes
Mild Taco Seasoning
Sour Cream
Plastic Spider
Black Plastic Cauldron for Chips (found at Party City)

Mix Refried Beans with Taco Seasoning..Put as first layer on tray.
Then add drained diced tomatoes on top.
Next add shredded cheese then guacamole.
Finally with an icing bag, pipe sour cream over layered dip to look like a web.
Add a plastic spider.
Put chips in a plastic cauldron beside tray.

You are ready to party!!


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